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We have enjoyed the course very much and the useful tips that we have learnt from this short course because the lesson that we learnt on the trip was much cos we get to see the real aspect of it and not just theory. That makes it easier to understand as we read the book by Master Lee. Yes, both of us will certainly attend if there is such type of course again in future. We wish to add you to our list of close friend.
Best regards and take care always,
Ben & Annie from Kota Kinabalu, Kelantan.

Hi Master Lee,
Really enjoy with the fruitful feng shui trip this afternoon. Hopefully could attend more class from you such as Face Reading or Bazi soon. Besides, I have completed reading your book finally. It is an easy to understand yet comprehensive book.

Dear Master Lee,
Early this year, I discovered you through your blog. After reading your blog, I now have deeper understanding of feng shui and how it can affect and enhance our live. I recently purchased your latest book of How To Enjoy Your Life With Good Feng Shui. So far I already read and go through the book a few times. It’s interesting to know that simple Feng Shui DIY can have such a big difference in our life.
Lex, Sibu, Sarawak.


Michael Teoh Su Lim
There are a lot of Feng Shui practioners out there, but people can see Master Lee. People can see, trust and follow those who have a Sincere Heart to Share and Help. So, do not be surprised Master Lee, as people supported your seminar and your progress, because you have the intentions to help others. Good on you Master Lee! Keep it up!

Boon Pin from Old Klang
Thanks Master Lee. My sales have improved from RM20000 last month to RM60000 this month after your feng shui audit. Really appreciate your help.

Kah Weng from Intel Penang
I feel very benefial and knowledge added after your audit and consultation.

Hong CN
I like both of your books which have been presented in very simple and understandable English. Your feng shui book has generated my curiosity to know further.

S. Im, Ipoh
Master Lee,I have read your 2 books with interest. They are certainly helpful for reference.

Audrey, Penang
To My most admired feng shui master!
Dear Master Lee,
I have no words to describe how accurate your analysis is on my current boyfriend from his characteristics to all descriptions on our on-going struggle.Your analysis has confirmed my decision, thoughts and doubts. It will certainly path a good guide for me to try out my relationship from a different approach and if all fails. Your analysis together with my efforts and decision will not leave any rooms for doubts.If my relationship ends for good after trying all means, I appreciate your accurate analysis for less time and effort wasted. I am giving myself a time frame to work my relationship to the best I can and with my own observation, coupled with my boyfriend's bazi reading - I will make a GOOD DECISION!Thank you for your kind help and professional consultation.

Ng YS, London
LOL, the 湿土可种小树不可种大树bit is so complicated but yes, I understand them now. To be honest, describing my personalities you are very accurate.

Tan Seeh Ber from KL
I have received your book today, 'Thank you'.
When I first open the book, I read the 'dedication' page. I can feel the wording with my heart. It is very honour to have a supporting wife. I can feel this may be because next year I going to get married and I foresee the challenges ahead and to have a supporting wife is very important and also can share the up and down together.
I have read through the book, like the previous book; simple English & easy to understand.

MS Yeap, Production Supervisor from Penang
Hi Master Lee, I read your blog and website with great interest. Well done! Thanks, my career has become better after getting your help.

J Chong, Business Woman from Kuala Lumpur
Good blog you have. I believe you love to help others. You did great job with your own blog to show us that you love to help other with what you know. I am going to come to Penang to meet you.

P Goh, Housewife from Kuala Lumpur
Since I engaged you for the feng shui consultation, reading your blog is one of my regular routine.

E Cheong, IT Manager from Kuala Lumpur
I will try to come and visit you when time is allowed. You have given an in-depth explanation which I have never come across. As an engineer, I appreciate your guidance and I started to see the theory that supports the existence of the oriental astrology.

Huong LF, Chemist from Sabah
Thanks for sharing the informative feng shui matters in your blog. Do you remember me? I had come to you for help to name my new born baby 4 months ago. It is my turn now. Please help to read my husband and my ba zi.

P Choon, Finance Manager from MNC Kulim
I attended your feng shui talk a year ago and I have followed your advice. Please help to read my & my family’s bazi.

Chuah from Melbourne
I feel impressed by the blogs you've written.

K Ng
What I would like to do now is still keep in touch with you no matter what and tell you I appreciate your help.

Mr. Ong, Businessman
Thank you very much for your patience to explain all about feng shui in detail, Master Lee. It made me understand more about feng shui.

Ms. Ang
My career path has become smoother after consulting you.

Fion, phD student from Australia (Dr to-be)
Really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Andrew, Company CEO

Hey Cheng Hoe .. great presentation this evening ...

Mr. Kheng, Computer Accessories Shop Owner
Thank you very much, Mr. Lee. With your feng shui consultation, the relationship in between me and my wife has become better. Thanks.

Mr. Cha, Constructor
Wah, you are very accurate. I could not really keep my money. How to overcome it?

Li, Beauty consultant

Ya, correct. I divorced with my husband.

Audrey, Business Development Executive
Yes. I really take care of my father no doubt.

Michael from New Zealand
I believe with your efforts of helping people and really exposing the culprits of feng shui through your blog, i believe anyone and everyone should trust your predictions. I believe, advice and guidance coming from the Pure of Heart would be most Purest and Valuable indeed.
Yes, i can hear the laughters in your heart for being helpful. I read your current post about friends asking you how to change their luck, and your advice - Be more willing to help others. Good advice and i sure hope that works!
You were the first person that crossed through my mind, and i really hope you can assist us. Mr. Lee, with your knowledge and experience. I realize you are busy with work and i apologize for taking your time.

MH from Hong Kong
Great to see that you believe so strongly in helping others, the world would be a much better place if everyone are thinking and acting like you.

Mary from Kuala Lumpur

Wow, you can see signs like that just by studying my birth details.

Vinho from Brazil
Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations. I will add in my blog roll.

Calvyn from Penang
The talk was pretty great, after this talk, i should know which of my friend are liar, should not so easy to believe them.

Kevin from Selangor
I am always impress and confident with your Feng Shui knowledge. It is not surprise you receive overwhelming response. Well done.

Ding from Penang
Thank you for sharing the information. It is very user friendly and up to date.

Wei from Penang
erm.......just one word can describe.....80%...chun.......

Hock Loong
I like Mr Lee dedication in improving our lives with Feng Shui through an affordable fees. Feng Shui has been a luxury to small high income group, however, Mr Lee has a very ambituous vision, he would like feng shui to reach all income group in our community, so that more people will be benefited from it. Mr Lee charge a very minimum fees for his consultation to ensure everybody can afford it. I personally have benefited a lot from Mr Lee consultation. Thank you Mr Lee

DH Ding
Great information, very easy to understand. Pls keep it up the good works!

Ch'ng HL
Very useful information in this site. Thanks to Mr Lee who has devoted his time in the reserach and data gathering.

Great effort to create the page, it is becoming more interesting..and more things to read...

... and the list continues. These are just some of the testimonies Master Lee received. More people are starting to believe in Feng Shui. Do you?