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Author : Master Lee Cheng Hoe (First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering of University Strathclyde, United Kingdom. Oriental Astrology Practitioner and Consultant )
Editor : Ch'ng Hock Loong , Loo Keun Wei , Eileyn Chua

Master Lee Oriental Astrology Series

With the current global economy crisis situation and high inflation rates, almost everyone to further enhance is encountering financial setback and finds it difficult to maintain wealth and faces with an uphill task in enhancing wealth. Thus, this is a great book to read to boost and enhance your wealth luck as it contains systematic and practical step-by-step guidance with ample illustrations your understanding in feng shui

  • Real life examples of feng shui practices and locations in Malaysia, especially in Penang.
  • This book illustrates the effect of exterior feng shui, interior feng shui and the
    flow of magnetic energy.
  • It is written in simple English and easy to be understood!
  • It is written in simple English and easy to be understood!

Price : RM18.00 (for West Malaysia inclusive of postage), you get the answers!

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    Testimonials from the Readers
    After reading your book, it was just so simple and straight forward the way you put feng shui analogy to the reader like us.
    -- Ms. Chan

    I like both of your books which have been presented in very simple and understandable English. Your feng shui book has generated my curiosity to know further.
    -- Hong CN

    I love this book and this is a book that you cannot miss.
    -- Michael Teoh

    "It is so easy to understand Master Lee's book even though I'm only 10 years old. Now, I understand the details of feng shui. It is really interesting! Looking forward for more articles from Master Lee." said Tan Joon You, a student of Hun Bin Primary School, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.